10 Top Tourist Attractions in Cagliari & Easy Day Trips

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John Wilmott Why go? You are very lucky to arrive in Cagliari by cruise ship. Cruise port location Cagliari has a busy commercial port on the west side of the peninsula on which the old city was built.

Bicycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari The Italian island of Sardinia is renowned for its rich history, colorful handcrafts, and endless miles of undisturbed beaches. Our tour gives you a chance to discover this Mediterranean jewel that is often overlooked by American tourists.

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Cagliari is the fourth largest destination resort in Italy in accordance with the TripAdvisor Traveler. Besides the beach, which makes the city perfect sleepy and from April to October, Cagliari has history, culture, nightlife and live events throughout the year … we dedicate this post to the World Day of Slow Living.. Bathing at Poetto beach Poetto is the long beach of Cagliari that a few kilometers from the city allows you to enjoy the beach at large, thanks to public transport.

Cagliari also has a Roman amphitheatre dug out of the same limestone of the hill, where concerts and operas still take place to this day. Another charming feature of the Sardinian capital is the nature it offers.

The company owes its name to a Sardinian mountain at which remains of an ancient village were found. From March onward, Tiscali offered Tiscali Free Net, a subscription-free Internet service where customers only had to pay for the time they were online. This pushed other Italian providers to repeal their fixed subscription fees, thus contributing to making the Internet accessible to the masses in Italy.

IPO[ edit ] On October during the dot-com bubble , the company went through an initial public offering IPO to be traded on the Italian stock exchange at a share price of 46 Euros. Soru made 20, , Euros on the IPO. In , the price per share had plummeted to 0. Services[ edit ] Each of Tiscali’s regional companies offer many services, which may include broadband internet access and telephone services.

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Tiscali Campus in Cagliari has 1, employees.

Cagliari –

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» Museums» Itineraries: Transports In the last room there is the reconstruction of the ancient craftsman’s shop that houses some tools dating from the XIX century and an anvil from the XVII century. There is also a series of paintings and sculptures that have knives as their subjects. Cagliari Cittadella dei Musei, Arsenale tel.

Day one Take a view The two-stage lift at the north side of the multi-storey car park on Viale Regina Elena elevates you to Piazzetta Mercede Mundula 6 where you get excellent views across Villanova, the lagoon and curving coastline — as well as seeing, in the foreground, how the Castello district rises from the raw rock. Take a hike From the piazzetta 6 , head down Via Martini to the Palazzo Viceregio 7 , whose opulent first-floor rooms are open 10am A tourist office is tucked inside the entrance 10am-7pm daily; 00 39 ; cagliariturismo.

Adjacent is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria 8 , with a spectacular altar and a fascinating crypt. Open 8am-noon and 4pm-8pm daily, except on Sundays 8am-1pm and 4. Take the steps that start opposite the cathedral entrance and descend through the narrow, cobbled lanes to the Elephant Gate 10 — so called because of the stone elephant standing opposite. As you pass through the gate, note the threatening portcullis above you. On the downhill side, look up to see a marble elephant gazing out from the gate.

Either walk down the steps, or take the lift down to the Mercato di Santa Chiara 11 7am-2pm daily except Sunday , perched above Piazza Yenne 12 , one of the city’s social hubs. Lunch on the run You could source a picnic from Santa Chiara market

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Very important figurative bronze art, in particular the art from Abini in Teti and Santa Vittoria in Serri which represent various figurative themes and magical rituals. The tophet of Tharros is evocatively reconstructed to represent the Phoenician-Punic period. It shows an expanse of sand on which there are cinerary urns, cippus and ritual stele of the sacred purification area.

From the Roman period there are black ceramics, thin ceramic vases and everyday ceramics. From the Roman city of Olbia there are the effigies of the Nerone and Traiano emperators, a marble urn and the cinerary urn of Claudia Calliste.

The Bastion of Saint Remy is a peculiar area in the District of Castello. When you have a walk in the historical centre, going along lanes and little streets stretching among houses crammed on one another, in a moment you will find yourself on a great terrace overlooking the city of Cagliari.

Take in the best of Sardinia for free; just don’t forget to tip your OTP. Nick Ross Get yourself into something free in Cagliari, the capital of Italy’s feisty little island of Sardinia. From incredible beaches to flamingo-filled parks, the city is all about its history and shares its love for food, culture and music for free. Get the best of Sardinia by hopping around the city for nothing.

While it may not be the best beach in Sardinia, it is the busiest and you’ll be bumpin’ speedos with hoards of beach-goers from July to August. Kiosks along the beach serve cheap booze, panini and snacks, and are open day and night throughout the summer. If you’re looking for something more gay and naked, hike over to the small and secluded Cala Figera beach. Sella del Diavolo Photo from cristianocani Get some devil in your crotch by hiking up to “The Devil’s Saddle,” a uniquely-shaped cliff that hangs over Marina Piccola at Poetto.

The unofficial symbol for Cagliari, the name comes from a biblical legend. Lucifer and his demon buddies were hanging around Sardinia when they came across the Gulf of Cagliari and decided they wanted it for themselves. As they staked their claim, God sent the archangel Michael and his militia to protect the gulf.

Cagliari: 10 things to see and do in a week-end

Sitemap See Cagliari in 2 days There could be no improved way to functional knowledge a destination then under your steam and the tiny Italian island of Sardinia is the perfect place to do this. Rather than the typical fare, you will be in a position to choose out to expend your time flitting between the irridescent blue waters and fantastic, sandy seashores to old remains, by stunning, wild countryside and back to modernity creating a host of great eateries to satiate your appetite and nightlife to excite the senses.

Whether you are landing at Cagliari Air port, Olbia International air port or Alghero Air-port, organising car or truck utilize is easy. If you are picking to centralise your adventure round the south using the island, then you can be landing at Cagliari Air flow port. Cagliari is a capital of Sardinia and may well be the biggest metropolis around the island. It is generally a thriving, modern city nestled indoors foundations of an old past and all just a short distance from some when using the most mesmerising seashores in Europe.

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